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About Us

ServoMate have a long history of researching and developing products to deal with the pollution around railway lubricators. In 2004 we developed a three layered track mat, however we quickly realized that the track mats were problematic as they needed to be taken up for tamping and grinding and were ineffective at catching overspray of grease. 

We then started searching for, importing and testing many products that claimed they would break down grease and oil. The products tested included bacterial solutions (pictured on the right), products from India, Turkey and the USA along with many other degreasers and found the results unsatisfactory. Some of these products worked in the laboratory however when tested out on site did not perform at all.

 We reached out for help and found an environmental scientist who explained that most of these solutions did not work on site mainly due to the very harsh conditions found on top of the ballast. Together we developed ServoMate a way of emulsifying the grease and oil and removing it from the harsh conditions found on top of the ballast transporting it to more suitable conditions found under the ballast that greatly accelerate the bioremediation process.

ServoMate offers an all-natural, living liquid made from sustainable and quickly renewable plant based ingredients that is now proudly made in Australia.

ServoMate was first field tested in Artarmon with Sydney trains in 2019. 

We have since refined the application process and undertaken many other tests including:

  • Demonstrating that it does not adversely affect any of the lubricator components for both manual and automatic lubricators
  • Tribometer testing demonstrating that the track is not left in a slippery state after a clean
  • Lab testing proving that it effectively emulsifies railway grease and enhances the bioavailability therefore improving the speed of the natural bioremediation process. 

It is now our mission to bioremediate the pollution found around railway lubricators and would like to encourage you to join us.

Customer Satisfaction

ServoMate is made in Australia using only natural and renewable raw materials. We are proud to be able to offer an amazing product and stand behind our amazing product. Offering a full 100% money back guarantee on the quality of each and every batch of our product.