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ServoMate Rail

Why choose us

ServoMate offers a cutting edge environmentally friendly liquid solution that is easily applied.


Using ServoMate will save you time and money dealing with excess grease and oil around railway lubricators.

Emulsifying excess hydrocarbons quickly and easily on site. 


ServoMate is made using only natural, quickly renewable resources right here in Australia. 


ServoMate is 

fully biodegradable,




solvent free

and is not classified as a dangerous good.

ServoMate offers an all natural liquid solution, assisting with both grease and oil pollution around railway lubricators.  

Grease bleeding or oil separation is a natural part of how grease operates. ServoMate not only emulsifies the untidy grease from top of ballast removing the slip hazard but will also help emulsify the faster travelling oil within the railway corridor.   

These photos show the emulsification of Gadus railway grease 

These pictures of track mats demonstrate that the over spray of grease and oil around lubricators usually go beyond the mats.  

For any further information or clarification 

Call Tom Engel directly on 0415 494 654